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All the technology you need

Our insurance products are powered by our proprietary platform, making exceptional insurance experiences effortless to embed. In other words, we take care of the innovative technology so you don’t have to.

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Technology for connected insurance experiences

Imagine being able to buy insurance in the same place you apply for a car loan. Or personalised prices for insurance premiums based on unique data. Our technology platform makes these experiences possible for your customers, making insurance faster and more relevant in their digital buying journeys.

At Open, we build and manage our technology stack from end-to-end, including quote flows and claims management. So rest assured that you’ll be working with the most innovative technologies in insurance and not clunky legacy systems.

Powerful APIs and SDKs that make insurance all sorts of wonderful

Embed insurance with a few lines of code

Our APIs and SDKs make it easy for your digital team to bring cutting edge insurance experiences into your apps, websites and digital platforms. Offer insurance to your customers in weeks, not months.

Safely integrate customer data

Connect your existing systems and tools to enable experiences like faster insurance quotes, pre-filled forms, and custom prices.

Intelligent and fast customer servicing

Customer Central: A single view of your customers

We set out to create a platform that supports your customers quickly and intelligently. Customer Central gives our expert team the information they need to help your customers get back on their feet.

Data-driven customer contact strategies

Segment your customer list based on unique data and send personalised marketing communications through email and SMS.

Fast claims powered by artificial intelligence

In some cases, car insurance claims get a decision in seconds. Machine learning automates manual processes like validating the details of a claim, completing anti-fraud checks and organising a repair.

Delivering car, home, travel and landlords insurance for Bupa in 10 weeks


In March 2022, Bupa selected Open to deliver four new products through the MyBupa app, allowing customers to buy, manage and claim online. And because Bupa already has existing car and home customers, we needed to develop a migration plan to help customers switch to Open.


Using Open’s SDK, Bupa was able to rapidly integrate Open’s products into Bupa's channels and launch within 10 weeks. Open and Bupa worked together to analyse existing customer policies and preferences, and develop a data-driven migration strategy that included personalised offers and pre-filled quotes.

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Trusted by large and fast-growing brands

Build an insurance offering that works wonders

Create your own insurance brand

Offer branded, digital-first insurance products that deliver a world-class experience for your customers.

Embed our ready-to-go insurance solution

Huddle’s smart insurance, available for your customers with just a few lines of code.