Purpose and impact

We started Open with a belief that business should be a force for good. So we’re holding ourselves accountable to make a positive impact for our customers, team, community and the planet.

The Open Team

Insurance for good

We’re proud to be Australasia’s first B-Corp Certified insurance company. B Corp companies meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Becoming B Corp Certified was an important way to ensure that we measure and keep ourselves honest about our impact in the world. We re-certify every three years, and we continually focus our attention on making the changes that matter.

How we create a positive impact at Open

1. Our operations

We aim for sustainability in our operations and live the B-Corp values in our decision-making. This includes the partners and suppliers we work with and assets we invest in.

2. Empowering customers

Customers choosing to insure with us have direct positive impact through insurance products and options we offer them.

3. Community support

Giving back to the community and donating to environmental and social causes are a core part of our impact strategy, allowing us to make a difference beyond insurance.

Insurance products with impact

We’ve built insurance products that empower customers to make a difference.

Pay As You Drive car insurance

We reward comprehensive car insurance customers who drive less with lower premiums.

Environmental improvements

We support customers in making environmental improvements to their homes if they have home insurance and their homes need to be rebuilt as part of a claim.

Kanga Cover donations

In Australia, Huddle insurance’s Kanga Cover waives the excess on a driver’s first animal collision claim within a 12 month period. Every time a comprehensive car insurance customer adds this option to their policy, we donate $4 to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Donating 1% of our revenue to causes that matter — our $82,156 donation for FY2022

As a partner of 1% for the planet, each year we give at least 1% of our revenue to organisations tackling environmental challenges.

In FY2022, we donated to Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Greenfleet and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

A lady pooring a bucket out a bucket full of seeds
The Open team on the Lomond track

Adopting a plot on Ben Lomond Track

We partner with Whakatipu Wilding Conifer Control Group, based in Queenstown, New Zealand, who protect native ecosystems through removal of invasive species.

Open has adopted a plot that our team regularly maintains to support regeneration of the native forest.

Beach clean-ups and Take 3 for the Sea

With plastic pollution being one of the biggest threats to oceans, marine life and the broader environment, the simple act of walking down the beach and collecting rubbish can make a big difference.

Our team regularly engage with beach clean-ups, including the Take 3 for the Sea events, which encourages everyone to take 3 pieces of rubbish when they’re out and about.

the Open team cleaning along a beach as part of take 3 for the sea