Home and Contents Insurance

Digital-first home insurance for your customers. Embedded into any app or website, and powered by Open from quote to claim.

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Offer clever, easy home and contents insurance

Flexible cover

With various levels of covers, smart extras and options for both homeowners and renters

Get a bundle, save a bundle

Customers save when they buy a combined home and contents policy

Fair insurance

Straightforward, flexible policies written in plain language and with no cancellation fees

Smart savings for smart home

Smart devices are making homes safer all around the world. We're making insurance that takes them into account, reducing premiums based on risk. Your smart customers will love it.

  • Offer discounts for customers with smart home devices that protect against common risks, like fire, water damage and theft

  • Integrate with any smart home device brand

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Buy and manage policies, and claim online, any time

We've made it fast and easy for your customers to buy and manage their home and contents insurance, and lodge claims online, 24/7.

  • Simple quotes that are easy and quick to understand

  • Personalised online policy management

Insurance quotes made easy with pre-filled forms

Whether your customers are getting a loan or bundling insurance with their telco and broadbrand, make it easy for them to get a quote, faster.

With Open’s APIs, safely integrate your customers' data – like their name and address – and pre-fill important information for a seamless experience.

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Feel at home, with local help when your customers need it

We take care of your customers just as you would. Our friendly team of insurance experts are on hand to help your customers with any inquiry.

  • Local support teams all based in Australia

  • No more waiting on hold - customers can book an appointment and get a call when it suits them

  • 24/7 emergency assistance from anywhere in the world

Loved by thousands of customers

"The person who assisted me on the phone to organise insurance for my car was excellent. She was very helpful and explained everything thoroughly."


“The quote is simple, the sign up process is simple and although you probably don't even need to talk to a human, if you do: they provide outstanding customer service.”


"It was very easy to organise relevant insurance... The payment process was easy to follow & the website was very intuitive."


"Claims were super easy and hassle free and the customer support is amazing. I don't drive much so the limited kilometres offer from Huddle is a big saver for me."


Offer home insurance when and where it’s most useful for your customers

Offer home insurance in the right place, at the right time – when people are applying for a home loan, buying a new property, or other insurance products. Bundle insurance together with services they already know and love, like banking, telecommunications and utilities.

Designed for:

Digital mortgage lenders

Embed home insurance within the lending process and make it easy for your customers to get the right cover when they buy their home. Plus, make document sharing faster through automated Certificates of Insurance.

Car financiers and automotive OEMs

Offer car insurance when customers buy their new vehicle or apply for a loan. Safely integrate what you already know about your customers to pre-fill their quote and surface personalised products.

Telco, energy and utilities

Bundle home insurance alongside other essentials: broadband, electricity, mobile and more. With our Integrated Billing technology, customers can pay for all of their services – including their insurance premium – under one invoice.

Banks and financial services

Let your customers access all of their financial services digitally, in one place. Add home insurance to your existing financial services or subscription models.

Retail and e-commerce

Enhance your existing products and services, by offering customers innovative insurance from a brand they know and trust.

Home financiers

Offer home insurance when customers are securing their home loan. Safely integrate what you already know about your customers to pre-fill their quote and surface personalised products.

An insurance experience that's wonderful for you and your customers

From strategising your insurance offering to answering your customers' insurance questions, we’ve got you covered. With Open as your digital insurance partner, you’ll get:

Clever home insurance products for your customers, produced and managed by Open
Technology to embed home insurance into any app or website with a few lines of code using APIs and SDKs
Expertise and ongoing support with growth and insurance innovation

Trusted by large and fast-growing brands

Build an insurance offering that works wonders

Create your own insurance brand

Offer branded, digital-first insurance products that deliver a world-class experience for your customers.

Embed our ready-to-go insurance solution

Huddle’s smart insurance, available for your customers with just a few lines of code.