Our mission is to harness data and partnerships to deliver the best insurance experiences

Happy people in beautiful offices

140+ team members

in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

100,000+ policies sold

across car, home, landlords and travel insurance.

$53m in funding

from AirTree, Movac, LocalGlobe (UK), Hollard Insurance, and more.

Delivering the best experiences demands modern insurance infrastructure

Insurance has the potential to be all kinds of wonderful.

But right now, that’s not how people see it. Most would say insurance is complicated and costly. Too often, insurance means piles of paper, waiting on hold, and head-scratching processes. But not at Open.

At Open, we’re building the modern insurance infrastructure that brings the wonder into insurance.

With a truly end-to-end approach, we build our own no-legacy technology. We use AI and data science to give your customers better insurance prices. And we connect with the brands that customers love, to personalise and make the whole process faster. Plus, when customers need a helping hand, we’ve got an expert team ready on the other end of the line, ready to assist.

These experiences are available for large and fast-growing brands who compete on their reputation and can embed our award-winning car, home and travel insurance products into their digital platforms.

All in all, it means customers get the modern insurance experiences they deserve, not the ones they’ve come to expect.

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B Corp Certified

Open is Australasia’s only Certified B Corp insurance company. We believe businesses should be a force for good, and commit ourselves to create a positive impact for people and the planet.
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Join our team

Be the work behind the wonder. Create the future of insurance with us in roles spanning operations, engineering, customer service, product and more.

Trusted by large and fast-growing brands

Open’s journey started in Sydney. Now, we also have teams in London, Auckland, Queenstown, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast committed to delivering wonderful insurance experiences.

Open office locations

Our Leadership team

profile picture of Jonathan Buck

Jonathan Buck

Co-founder and CEO
Profile photo of Jason Wilby

Jason Wilby

Co-founder and CEO
Profile photo of Rishin Patel

Rishin Patel

Chief Product Officer
Profile picture of Nathan Amaral

Nathan Amaral

Chief Operating Officer
Profile photo of Sam Hoppe

Sam Hoppe

Group Executive Corporate Development
Profile picture of Bayne Carpentar

Bayne Carpenter

Chief Revenue Officer
Profile photo of Rob Warren

Rob Warren

Chief Financial & Risk Officer
Profile picture of Sarith Fernando

Sarith Fernando

GM Data Product
Profile picture of Ben McLoughlin

Ben McLoughlin

GM BizOps and Intelligence
Profile picture of Romain Gregoire

Romain Gregoire

GM Product Design
Profile picture of Zoe Cossart

Zoe Cossart

GM Revenue
Profile picture of Lisa Zhu

Lisa Zhu

GM Engineering
Profile picture of Isaac Donnelly

Isaac Donnelly

GM Product
Profile picture of Tony Lee

Tony Lee

GM Commercial

Our Board of Directors

profile picture of Jonathan Buck

Jonathan Buck

Co-founder and CEO
Profile photo of Jason Wilby

Jason Wilby

Co-founder and CEO
Profile photo of Richard Enthoven

Richard Enthoven

Non-Executive Director
Profile photo of Jason Graham

Jason Graham

Non-Executive Director
Profile picture of James Cameron

James Cameron

Non-Executive Director

Build an insurance offering that works wonders

Create your own insurance brand

Offer branded, digital-first insurance products that deliver a world-class experience for your customers.

Embed our ready-to-go insurance solution

Huddle’s smart insurance, available for your customers with just a few lines of code.