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What is Open Studio?

Open Studio brings together our team’s expertise in innovative technology and data-powered decisioning to strategise, implement and grow your insurance offering.  As your digital insurance partner, we’ll work collaboratively with your team to make business growth decisions driven by your data.

We’ll then help design and deliver the insurance business, product and marketing strategy that will unlock the value in your customer base. Open Studio is available to all our partners, whether you’re new to insurance or looking to migrate existing business to Open.

Meet some of our team

profile picture of Jonathan Buck

Jonathan Buck

Co-founder and CEO
Profile photo of Jason Wilby

Jason Wilby

Co-founder and CEO
Profile picture of Nathan Amaral

Nathan Amaral

Chief Operating Officer
Profile picture of Liani Strauss

Liani Strauss

Business Operations Manager
Profile picture of Hayden Moxey

Hayden Moxey

Business Operations Manager
Profile picture of Zoe Cossart

Zoe Cossart

GM Revenue

Open Studio’s capabilities

Data science

Make use of your structured and unstructured data to identify and unlock  value in your customer base.

  • Propensity modelling

  • Customer analytics

  • Customer segmentation

  • Data-driven communications strategy

Customer strategic design

Build custom insurance products, services and experiences that fit customers perfectly

  • Portfolio design

  • Product strategy and positioning

  • Product design

  • Testing and optimisation

Accelerated onboarding

Take your insurance offering to market in weeks, not months

  • Programme management

  • Organisational design and HR

  • Regulatory licencing authorisations

  • Technology and integration

  • Scenario planning

Growth strategy

Design an insurance offering that’s right for your business and market

  • Opportunity sizing

  • Product / market fit

  • Roadmaping

  • Business casing

Delivering car, home, travel and landlords insurance for Bupa in 10 weeks


In March 2022, Bupa selected Open to deliver four new products through the MyBupa app, allowing customers to buy, manage and claim online. And because Bupa already has existing car and home customers, we needed to develop a migration plan to help customers switch to Open.


Using Open’s SDK, Bupa was able to rapidly integrate Open’s products into their channels and launch within 10 weeks. Open and Bupa worked together to analyse existing customer policies and preferences, and develop a data-driven migration strategy that included personalised offers and pre-filled quotes.

Bupa logo ona building

Trusted by large and fast-growing brands

Build an insurance offering that works wonders

Create your own insurance brand

Offer branded, digital-first insurance products that deliver a world-class experience for your customers.

Embed our ready-to-go insurance solution

Huddle’s smart insurance, available for your customers with just a few lines of code.