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Inside Claims & Insurance Support Part 1: What’s different (and great) about working at Open?

 Liyana Thomas
 Liyana Thomas
Liyana Thomas
September 20, 2022
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From the moment a customer contacts us, to getting customers back on track as quickly as possible, it’s our Claims and Insurance Support team who are the face of Open. 

They do a stellar job of keeping our customers happy, and are also known for keeping the team vibes high and play a huge part in our company culture. 

We chatted to five of our Claims and Insurance Support team members to hear how they find working at open and get their take on all things work-life related. From team dynamics to creating a customer-centric culture, to what make their roles fun . 

Claims and Insurance Support make up our Operations team - there’s a whole variety of roles that come within these teams - ranging from team leaders, to insurance specialists, senior insurance specialists and lead insurance specialists. They handle all things customer- facing, so on any given day they’ll be be helping customers from the first notification of loss, right through to claim completion or facilitating repairs or replacement of items being claimed.

From team members that have grown with the company, to newer team members, our team come from a range of insurance and non-insurance backgrounds, so first up we wanted to know how life at Open compares:

What do you find different about working at Open compared to other places you’ve worked? 

Alana - Lead Claims Specialist

It's literally people care and I think that's the number one.

You're not another number. You have a voice. People want to listen to you. People at Open want to help you improve your life and the customers’ lives because they really care. 

Jamie - Claims Manager

I've worked at larger corporates and small to medium-sized businesses before and I don't think I've worked in a company that values your opinion as much as Open. I wasn't used to being asked “Hey, what do you think?”, or being invited to provide my opinion or share my ideas. 

At Open you're actually valued as a person with really awesome ideas. Which means you can make a big impact on the business and in the wider industry, just by being able to have that free communication within the business

Robinson - Claims Specialist

What I like is that when you're in a situation where you could just look at things very factually, you're also encouraged to look at things empathetically as well.

There's a good human side to what we do. Of being able to use your own logic and rationale to help the process along.

Jasmine - Motor Claims Team Lead 

It's the openness and honesty. I really appreciate that if something affects me then I’ll always know about it.

We're interested in bettering our whole team, rather than just individuals’ performance, so we really work together and support each other.

Lewis - Claims Specialist

The accountability and sharing culture at Open is fantastic. I think everyone in my team and every team I've worked in holds themselves to a high standard. When people have made mistakes, they'll always be upfront about it and they'll learn from it. 

I really like the sharing culture, the fact that everyone can contribute towards finding solutions for issues. It makes you feel like you're a part of something bigger than just your claim portfolio and gives you a chance to get a broader perspective on the issues that our customers are dealing with. 

Can you share with us what you enjoy most about your role and working at Open?


It goes back to being a B Corp and making a difference within the community, stuff that aligns with what's important to me personally. I know a lot of big insurers have quite a bad rap, but our point of difference is really being able to help communities.


I love the variety. So I get to work with a really awesome team, both long-term and newer people that have come on board.

What I like about my role is it doesn't necessarily mean just because I'm in a leadership role that I'm hands-off. I get to still jump on the phones. I still get to assist with process and system development ideas, I get to deal with complex claims and speak with our customers.

And the fact we've been able to combine that with technology and provide a better solution to customers. There's a lot of really genuine engagement and desire to do the right thing and change things. Everybody is really passionate about, growing the business and making a change in the industry.


My current role as team lead is 100% just supporting other people. I love the fact that I have the opportunity to be able to ask my team what do you want to do (career-wise) and how can I help you? Looking for career paths and looking for ways to coach them individually. 

I have so many supportive managers and other team members within our company that I can go to for advice or if I have questions.

I love the values Open has - the fact that they want openness and honesty, the fact that they want to be high performance and they want to be the best in the industry.


I enjoy the reward of helping people who are in stressful or sticky situations. You get to deal with a lot of people who for the first time, possibly in their adult life, are being forced to depend on someone else and to ask for help. Being able to help people work through that with as much dignity as possible and get them back to the position they were in pre-accident as easily as possible.

The company lives up to its namesake a lot in that it is very open. I really enjoy being able to sit in on the All Hands meetings and learning about the projects that the business is working towards. It just feels like everyone can know everything if they’re interested. 


What I really like about the role is that every interaction with the customer is a completely individual story. Everyone has different expectations. So it's like opening night with every claim, like you've got to be on point with every claim.

And that we're always encouraged to be transparent. The approach that the company takes and that you can always tell the customer the truth rather than needing to find excuses or try and hide things.

I feel like the environment is what a lot of people really love about working open.

It's just a fun team. We play table tennis. We've got the pool table. There's always music going. There's always banter between the different teams. You can bounce off people when you have something tricky you’re working through.

‘No excuses’ is one of Open’s company values - tell us about what it means for you and for your role?


It's moving away from being okay with excuses or making excuses for poor customer outcomes or poor performance. If a customer says, “Hey, this didn't work for me” How many other customers is that not working for? And can we change things? Can we do it a different way to provide a better outcome? Or make it easier for our team, if our team is saying this doesn't work, then listen and make those changes.


It carries into every aspect of your work. It means that when you’re performing a task or you’re speaking to a customer, you're looking at how you can solve a situation instead of coming up with an excuse, looking at it in different ways to be able to come to a resolution instead of going, oh, it's too hard. 

It’s the self-reflection of ‘how am I finding a solution for this?’


It’s living up to the Open’s mantra of being accountable and being open to get the best results for our customers. What that means to me is no matter how small an issue might seem or how big an issue might seem, it's trying to get that customer the best result at the end of the day. And just look after them, how we would want to be looked after ourselves.


No excuses for me means that I try to get everything that I need to get done in a timely, efficient manner. It means I’m going to get a better outcome for my customer, delivering clear, transparent communication for them. It's just taking time to really build rapport with clients so that I understand what is most important to them in their situation. 

And finally… describe working at Open in three words


We all care


Exciting, impactful, flexible


Rewarding, refreshing, challenging


Supportive, innovative, ambitious


Fun, always learning

Interested in how our team members progressed into the roles they’re in today? Stay tuned of Part 2 of our Inside Claims & Insurance Support blog where our team share the interesting and varied ways they’ve been able to grow and progress throughout their careers.

We’re hiring at Open! From Claims roles, to Engineering, Partnerships and more, we’re looking for people who want to build the future of insurance with one of the world’s leading FinTech companies. Learn more

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